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Ruined, a play by Lynn Nottage, is based in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The play centers around a bar/ brothel in the heart of the conflict. The bar owner, Mama Nadi, faces struggles of controling her buisness during this dificult time and trying to help the girls she is in charge of. The play focuses on three main girls in the brothel.  This play focuses on the few good options that people, particularly women, have while living in the DRC, surrounded by turmoil.  This play has gathered so much support that Lynn Nottage is working with Oprah to make it an HBO screenplay.

Ruined at Karamu Theater

Ruined is playing from May 6-29 2010 at Karamu Theater in Cleveland Ohio. Tickets are available on the website attached to the title link. The lobby display is compiled by the Gender, Culture, Power class at Hawken School. 

Clip about Ruined and a short interview with Lynn Nottage from New York VOA News