Support the Democratic Republic of Congo

Non-Profit Organizations (NGOs)

This page is dedicated to organizations working in the Democratic Republic of Congo. There are many working there, but these all provide a little something different. They each have credible sources that they are actually doing what they say they are, and the money they spend is used wisely. One of the biggest reasons that each of these were chosen is because they are using the resources from the Congo to try to improve conditions, trying to keep things as sustainable as possible. 

Women for Women International 

"We are making enormous strides in DR Congo, but our work is far from done. The women are filled with hope that you will help them continue to rebuild their lives. You're not only changing the course of one woman's life – you're support and generosity improves entire villages and communities!'

'In the last two years, we have expanded our program to reach remote villages and have now served over 24,000 women and 131,581 family and community members since our start. Women for Women International program in DR Congo is working:'

  • 88% report having improvement in personal and family health
  • 86% report having improved their economic situation
  • 88% of women expressed increased self-confidence
  • 83% report having a greater knowledge of their rights 
  • 88% expressed being more active in their community
  • 87% report being more active in family decision making."

Friends of the Congo

This organization is dedicated to raising awareness about what is happening in the Democratic Republic of Congo. There is a ton of information on their website about almost anything that is known about the Congo. They also work with The Association of Widows, an organization in Congo working with 5,000 widows. The organization provides skill training and ways to cope with losing loved ones in war. This website provides toolkits to make it easy to hold an information session about the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

Raise Hope For Congo

Raise Hope for Congo is a very influential organization that has dedicated itself to raise education about the problems in the Congo to help women and girls. Their main initiatives are to stop the trade of conflict material and help women. They have created a page dedicated to showing how well companies are filtering conflict materials on this page. This organization works predominantly with public officials and governments to make change from higher levels. They have gotten many famous actors and actresses to help the Congo and spread the word as well.

This organization has a petition that they want people to sign and a CD to help raise awareness, both of which are on this website.   

George Malkia Foundation

Noella Coursaris Musunka, the founder of George Malkia Foundation, was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, but was sent to study in Europe once her father died when she was five. She set up the GMF to support girls getting an education. The organization works with UNICEF and other international organizations to try to make girls' education more accessible. They also work in the country supporting girls in schools by paying for girls to attend school, providing school supplies, making new schools and classrooms, and offering college scholarships. 

Stop Raping Our Greatest Resource Campaign 

This campaign is an offset of Vday, "a global movement to end violence against women and girls." They set up safe houses for women and girls who are in danger. They also try to stop the taboo against being raped. They want rape victims and everyone else to realize that the rape victim is not at fault. The government in Congo has persecuted less than 5% of sexual violence cases. People are working with the government to try to enforce stronger laws. This campaign is also trying to get more women in authoritative positions. Their website provides a wealth of information about things happening in Congo that are effecting women. 

The Lake Tanganyika Floating Health Clinic

Dr. Amy G. Lehman realized that over three million people living around Lake Tanganyika do not have access to a functioning health clinic. She created a boat that would act as a hospital and travel around to the four countries surrounding the lake to provide health care. The ship has both local doctors and doctors from abroad. They spend 1-2 weeks in each community, providing care that could not be provided by the people there. The organization also promotes protection of the lake from an environmental standpoint. 

Check out a twenty-minute documentary about the organization.