Support the Democratic Republic of Congo

Supporting the Democratic Republic of Congo

This website was created to inform people of how organizations are helping the the DRC, and how they can become a part of the change. There are hundreds of groups working to support the DRC, and these are just a few. This website gives viewers a chance to make their mark on the Congo through signing petitions, raising awareness, buying gifts, and/or donating. All of these organizations on this website need people to support them in order for them to be able to work in the DRC. 

Website Layout

Attached to the home page, there is also a page of the history of the conflict. It goes into a little detail of the general problems facing people in the DRC. Along with that page, there is a page of books that might be interesting to people who would like to learn more about the DRC or women violence in general.
The Non-profits page is dedicated to organizations who are trying to support people on the ground. Each organization name has a link attached to its website.
The Ruined page gives some background on the play, and some more information about Lynn Nottage.
How to Help gives ways that people can support through donating, raising awareness, signing petitions and buying presents