Support the Democratic Republic of Congo

How to Help

The best way to help is to visit the Democratic Republic of Congo, and learn from the people there the real problems. In reality, that is expensive, and has a potential to be dangerous. From home, people can donate, raise awareness, sign petitions, and buy presents that support organizations working in the Congo.

Donate and Raise Awareness

There hundreds of Nonprofit organizations that need money to continue working in Congo. It is sometimes difficult to tell how sustainable the programs are. The nonprofits on this website seem to all be making a lasting impact in the DRC. It is also important to raise awareness. Talk to the people around you about these problems facing the DRC. Many organizations (Friends for Congo and Vday especially) have great ideas and can help create nights or programing to inform people about all that is happening. 

Sign Petitions

There are many petitions urging our government, and other world leaders to make the DRC more of a priority. One of the major problems affecting the DRC at the moment is the people digging for products used in technology. The people digging are the ones raping the women and killing people. If the United States and powerful companies and nations demands better protection of these women with chance of boycotting these materials, things will change. 

Buy Presents

People need to buy presents anyway, so you might as well buy presents that are supporting the DRC. These gifts are also nice because they are conversation starters. People will see the beautiful necklace or bag, and ask about it. So not only are you donating money, you are getting something in return AND spreading awareness.